oh yes. and also. my wee bae loves my nip piercings. like literally could not keep hands off of them. and just kept telling me how fucking hot they are ugh I love it I rly do

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ahh so I’m just! smitten !!!! rn. bc of my wee baeeee. I just. am feeling so. 💘💘💘💘💘. it’s just so much. and I’m just happy. just bc of everything that’s ever happened w/ us. I’m just. happy and I usually never am. I’m just so smitten im so. just. in love with this feeling

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post about ma bae:
-has cute hair
-has pretty pretty eyes that I wish I could look into forever
-likes the same rap music as me
-is aggressive af [ ;-)))) ]
-is just. so cute.

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"you’re so cute"
"I’m alright, I think you’re cuter"

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he’s rather have me than Buffalo Wild Wings apparently

he’s rather have me than Buffalo Wild Wings apparently

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I saw boy yesterday. he was like I haven’t heard from you in a while and I was like I called you earlier this week. and then he was like no you didn’t. and basically he asked me why I didn’t try to talk to him after that and I was like oh I thought u were just ignoring me or smth like you didn’t wanna talk to me anymore after what happened and he was like no I wouldn’t do that to you. so I’m confusedd

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